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Brett Northey

Brett is the Founder, CEO and Lead Designer of Ace VTOL engines, airframes, business model and brand. Brett’s background encompasses a variety of industries, offering a clear over all perspective on how Ace VTOL represents in Industry, technology and customer experience. With over a decade of commercial aviation engineering experience, Brett has completed all CASA licensing exams, having worked for commercial airline companies like Flight West Airlines, Cathay Pacific and QANTAS. Brett's aviation experience is heavily focused on a variety of wide body commercial aviation airframes and engine heavy maintenance, with logged experience in turboprops and auxiliary power units. Additionally, Brett has worked in power-station construction, engineering and QA/QC with QGC, a subsidiary of British Gas. Brett also has extensive experience in Blockchain and Crypto/ Fin Tech strategic planning for a number of companies in this space. Brett as extensive hospitality experience, a qualification overlooked where customer satisfaction and experience are key performance factors in every successful company. Brett has recently been nominated as one of the top 10 Aerospace Entrepreneurs to watch in 2022 by APAC Magazine and is featured on the cover of the July 2022 Edition.

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