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Marco Bizzarri
Corporate Strategy Advisor

CEO of Gucci. In 2005, Marco Bizzarri was named CEO of Stella McCartney, and under his management, the company turned a profit for the first time in 2007. He developed a lifestyle-oriented brand and drove its international development, including the opening of a store in Japan in 2008. In December 2014, global luxury group Kering named Marco Bizzarri CEO of its flagship luxury brand, Gucci. Credited for the quick turnaround of Gucci’s profitability, Marco Bizzarri stopped the brand’s markdown policy, favored cross-gendered collections and unified fashion shows, and banned the use of fur by the brand. Gucci also amplified its digital strategy to grow its customer base on social networks. In 2016, Gucci’s sales rose 13% to $4.68 billion.

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