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ACE VTOL was founded in 2020 by Founder Brett Northey with the mission to connect the entire world with Electric Air Travel. 


Our Vision is to help establish a new electric transport demographic that is safe, scaleable,  monetised and accessible to everyone.  We see a future where street traffic congestion and roadworks transition to parklands and environmental architecture, mediating the need for additional roadworks with a sustainable flying car future. 

Our Mission is to create jobs through promoting a new transport demographic, improving environmental sustainability in advanced manufacturing and connecting communities in an efficient and safe manner.


Safety is the core value and culture of Ace VTOL.  Through innovation and integrity, Ace VTOL will continue to advance the eVTOL industry with choices that are mindful of our natural environment and safety protocols to ensure that this new transport demographic offers a practical and reliable future for all that use it.


The Ace Team

Ace VTOL is honored to be advised by an elite group of global leaders with diverse backgrounds, bringing a depth of proven knowledge in their respective fields.

Brett Northey

Award Winning Founder/CEO of Ace VTOL – Commercial Aircraft/ Gas Turbine Engineer

Marco Bizzarri

Former CEO of Gucci


Cynthia Davis

Former Vice President and GM of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon

Bill Harris

Over 34 years in the US DOD Market bringing new technology and innovative products to market.

Eleni Evangel

Former Perth City MP, Former CEO of the 500 Club Perth

Liam Tutin

Global Safety and Compliance Director of CHC Helicopters

Robert Kimberley

Award-winning Sales Executive of Colliers/ Stocklands Australia

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