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Ace VTOL Partners with Volatus for 700 Oceanic Vertiport Network

Ace VTOL is excited to represent Volatus Infrastructures in Australia with their timeless vertiport design and intelligent charging system. We would like to thank all the Volatus Infrastructure, LLC Team for choosing ACE VTOL for their Australasian OEM Partners.

"Volatus is proud to announce our newest partner Ace VTOL! We are honored to be named their preferred infrastructure partner and are excited to be working with the Ace team in Australia!"

#AceVTOL #Volatus #VolatusInfrastructure #eVTOL #eVTOLinfrastructure #vertiport #AAM #TheFuture #ElectricAviation

Brett Northey, Grant Fisk Dan Sloat, JD/MBA MRAeS

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